Photo of my family in 2019

My journey into the world of code began back in the late 1980s, hacking into the core files of a game called “Snake” on an old Compaq computer. I figured out how to give myself infinite lives, and change other game settings on that 2 tone green monitored computer.

My father was a Computer Science Professor, and so we always had the latest and greatest computers growing up. He later was in charge of the university’s internet network in the mid 1990s. We had our own special dial up numbers, and had internet in our home around 1995. It didn’t take long for my curiosity about the web to grow.

While studying Mathematics and Computer science at the University of North Florida, was working for a civil engineering company, inspecting and monitoring construction projects. I couldn’t help but write programs to automate tasks, and really wished I could get back into more computer related tasks.

I changed careers in 2012 when a friend offered me a job to come and work for his WordPress company. Every day since then has been a wonderful exciting time. We’ve built sites for large corporations, small brick and mortar shops, and helped online only businesses like bloggers over the years.

So many different kinds of customizations has taught me a lot. I still love it. New puzzles popping up all the time keeps it interesting.

My goal with this website is to share some of my knowledge. I have learned and found many solutions because of others being willing to share what they had learned or solved on the web. This is my contribution to the community. Hopefully it will help those seeking to learn as I have and continue to do.